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learn to fly without wings with Complete Holidays in Nepal.
Everest Sky Dive
Skydiving in the Sagamartha National Park, the home to Mount Everest – The highest mountain peak in the world.
Pokhara Sky Dive
Fly above the clouds! View the captivating lakes below! And jump at one of the most beautiful drop zones in the world.
Paragliding Nepal
Feel the sensation of rising more than 500 m from the take-off point overseeing the beauty before landing beside the lakeside.
Zip Line/ Firefox
With a vertical drop of 600 meters and over 1.8km, it is the world's steepest, tallest and one of the longest ziplines.
Ultra Light
Have the "Bird's eye view" of the green forests and meadows, lakes and rivers and mountains flying through the blue sky!
Bungee Nepal
Imagine a bridge over a 160m high tropical gorge,with one of Nepal's wildest rivers, raging below… Now jump!
Canyon Swing
The Canyon Swing at in Nepal is the world's highest giant swing, offering you a adrenaline-filled, gravity-defying adventure.
Heli Tour
Helicopter Tour in Nepal is for those people who don't like to stroll upward and downward in the difficult Himalayan trails.
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